BOTP 2019 Bette Augustine Session A Popp

Poppies in Full Flower

Needle Turn Appliqué
Bette Augustine, Teacher


Poppies happily come in a myriad of colors throughout the world. How fortunate for us that we can create our own garden of poppies in our favorite hues. From the Golden Poppies of California to the delicate ruffled petals of the Icelandic Poppy they offer us gentle inspiration. This charming block provides the stitcher with lessons in tiny stem work that burst with color at their tips, and blossoms that can be created in ones’ hand. Proper block preparation, pros and cons of overlays, needleturn appliqué, unit piecing, touches of embroidery and yes, enhanced shading with a stroke of color pencil will be offered for study; as well as tips and hints that will help improve their work no matter what the project.

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner
Lab Fee: $30 includes Handout, tweezers, pattern, overlay, freezer paper

(Administrator's note:  Bette's supply list and class prep are very detailed.  Please use the "Download Supply List" button below for the complete supply list and prep instructions.)


Bette Augustine
PO Box 118, Mountain Center CA 92561