BOTP 2019 Bette Augustine Session B  Gar

Wild Roses of the Woods


The informal wild rose, found in hidden lanes and encircling trunks of aging trees, offers a burst of color in surprising places. Hearty growth belies it's delicate look and is a favorite of poet and woodsman alike. The wild rose is a powerful symbol of love and adoration, and a carrier of secrets. Associated with Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and love, she is often portrayed with a crown of roses around her head. This lovely wreath of wild beauties could easily be imagined encircling the brow of some fair lady, or perhaps each rose holds a secret waiting to be whispered on the wind. The block itself holds a few secrets waiting to be shared with students. Techniques will include how to plan the work order, marking the background, how to use an overlay for pattern placement and color selection, secrets of success with the needle turn appliqué stitch, working with small pieces and tiny stems, achieving sharp points and smooth curves, unit piecing, and so much more.   Won’t you join Bette and this special appliqué class which will challenge you, improve your stitching confidence, and perfect your appliqué skills.  It is also a wonderful opportunity to share your appliqué interests with friends, new and familiar.

Skill Level:  Intermediate