BOTP 2019 Sandra Starley Quilt Study 3.j

In-Depth Antique Quilt Study


Learn the basics of quilt dating through hands on study of antique quilts and fabrics.  If you’ve always liked looking at antique quilts but want to learn more about them, this is the class for you.  See how early fabrics were printed, when certain colors and styles were used, types of quilting and block patterns, etc. by looking at the actual quilts/fabrics.  Much more than a trunk show this will be an in-depth study of a number of early quilts with a special focus on applique quilts and early signature quilts.


The Starley Collection contains many dated signature quilts from the height of the applique craze (1840-1860) which you will be able to examine closely.  You will see what fabrics were used at the time so you can create your own accurate applique treasures.  Come spend time enjoying and being inspired by many antique applique masterpieces!

Sandra Starley

P.O. Box 242, Fillmore, UT  84631