BOTP 2019 A Deborah Tirico 2 Day Class N

The Nutcracker


An introduction to felted wool applique sculpting.

This colorful Nutcracker brightly created in luscious felted wool will make any room festive for the
holiday season. Perfect for a dining room table or a coffee table the durability of felted wool makes
this runner useful as a giant coaster protecting while decorating. Constructed in felted wool, he is
boldly outfitted, embellished with wool thread, beads and metallic thread. A wreath of evergreen and 
pine cones surrounds him and a red penny border make him a merry tradition for your home.

Students will learn to make freezer paper patterns and work with placement guide templates. A variety
of basting techniques will be presented for increased accuracy.

Students will learn applique methods including the tack stitch, needle slanting techniques and fabric
layering methods for adding dimension to the work and easy and accurate buttonhole stitching. Tools
that make working in felted wool easy and fun will be made available. The construction of the final
rug will be fully discussed.